Why Buy Estate Jewelry? Estate jewelry is a fascinating record of changing tastes and times. Older pieces reflect incredible skill and workmanship and the use of interesting materials. They were often ‘one of kind,’ from the days when it was not unusual to have a jeweler make a special piece for an individual to commemorate an occasion or recognize an accomplishment. Fine jewelry was not always made for the masses as it is now, so many pieces of vintage jewelry are unique and collectible.

Classic estate jewelry offers value

“Newer” vintage pieces from the 60s, 70s and beyond are always coming back for their fashion moment and many estate jewelry styles have evolved into classics. Buying estate jewelry offers great value, as the initial depreciation has already taken place.

Estate jewelry offers quality and craftsmanship

Pieces that are handed down from generation to generation tend to be cherished and well cared for. Very elaborate pieces were usually brought out for special occasions and thus show very little wear. Estate jewelry pieces from the late 1800s and early 1900s are particularly prized for their imaginative design and individuality. A piece from a few decades ago may have acquired value through the years, due to its rarity, quality, and artistry.

Palisade is known for great estate jewelry

We’re one the area’s most active buyers of estate, vintage and pre-owned jewelry and as a family, have been in the business since 1947. We’ve built a national reputation and a broad network of collectors and dealers, which gives us access to a wide range of designers, styles, and trends. If you have a passion for a particular era, brand, or designer, come visit and we’ll help you find and acquire pieces you’ll love.


“My experience buying a pre-owned Rolex from Palisade Jewelers was perfect. I did the transaction by phone. The watch arrived, exactly as described; they gave me good, attentive service.”

- Richard


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