While many watch companies recommend regular servicing, we feel if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If your watch is keeping perfect time, it may just need a new crystal or strap. And if you’re thinking of sending your vintage watch back to the manufacturer for service, please NOTE: we’ve seen many instances of over-polishing by manufacturers who have actually removed fine features that are sought after by collectors. Depending on the model and vintage of your watch, ‘wear and tear’ may be part of the perceived value of the piece.

Our watch repair services

When you do need repair, our in-house watchmaker has over 30 years’ experience repairing and refinishing luxury brand watches. Bring your watch in for an assessment of its condition, a service recommendation and estimate.

We can restore old watches to working condition or replace worn or damaged crystals, hands, gaskets, stems and crowns, dials, etc.

■  Strap replacement

■  Battery replacement

■  Complete watch overhaul

■  Cleaning, dust removal, lubrication, ultrasound debris removal

■  Replacement of damaged or worn watch parts

■  Check for wear, rust and damage to the interior and exterior

■  Movement lubrication and function check

■  Demagnetization and calibration of the movement

Replacement of crystal, hands, gasket, stem and crown, dial, if suitable parts are obtainable

■  Factory specifications test for pressure/water resistance

■  Polishing

■  Engraving: We can replace old engraving with a new message



“My experience buying a pre-owned Rolex from Palisade Jewelers was perfect. I did the transaction by phone. The watch arrived, exactly as described; they gave me good, attentive service.”

- Richard


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