Our family has been in the jewelry business since 1947. Our years of experience give us a good eye for great pieces. So whether it’s an engagement, a celebration or a personal signature piece you’re looking for, we’re expert jewelers who can help you choose from our vast selection of pre-owned jewelry, estate and fine jewelry, diamonds and gold. Our inventory changes constantly, so come in to see what’s in store now.

Why buy pre-owned jewelry?

In a word: value. You can trade up to a great pre-owned classic like a gold bracelet or a rope of pearls, or indulge yourself with a big, beautiful pre-owned cocktail ring (or two!). And have you noticed that the prices for costume jewelry are skyrocketing? For the price of today’s costume jewelry, you may be able to afford a valuable piece of lasting beauty.

Pay less for designer jewelry

Pre-owned pieces in good condition are a great bargain. They sell for much less than their brand-new versions. Even fairly new pieces come onto the resale jewelry market regularly, so if you’ve been looking for a designer piece, why pay full price? Pre-owned pieces are usually in very good condition, and we examine every piece and polish it to like-new condition before putting it in our display cases.

Set your own style with our wide pre-owned jewelry selection

Jewelry, like anything else in fashion, goes in cycles, and designers tend to copy one another. After a while it can all start to look the same. But with pre-owned jewelry you’re not stuck with someone else’s idea of what’s in style. You can find pieces that express your look from this year or three decades ago! Besides, we think shopping for unique pre-owned jewelry is more fun than paying a fortune for a piece you see everywhere.

Luxury for less depreciation

For the serious jewelry collector, pre-owned is the way to go. You can find beautiful classic pieces that represent the best craftsmanship. And you know the value won’t drop the minute you walk out of the store. Pre-owned pieces have already dropped from their brand-new price plateau, so you’re buying closer to a market average that is more likely to hold steady if you ever decide to resell it.

Find classic styles

The best looks in pre-owned jewelry never go out of style and never will. In fact, designers of current styles are always “referencing” the classics - knocking off the great looks and adding one little (expensive) twist. Why pay a fortune for an “inspired by” knock-off when you can own the original design?

We clean and recondition our pre-owned jewelry

We examine each piece, repair prongs, gently clean stones and polish like new, so you can wear your pre-owned pieces with pride.


“My experience buying a pre-owned Rolex from Palisade Jewelers was perfect. I did the transaction by phone. The watch arrived, exactly as described; they gave me good, attentive service.”

- Richard


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