Whether you’re a collector or just looking for a beautiful timepiece that expresses your personality without paying full retail, come see our extensive collection of pre-owned watches and talk to us about the watch you’re looking for. Each of our pre-owned watches is carefully examined by our in-store watch technician. Here are five great reasons to buy a pre-owned watch from Palisade:

The pre-owned market has more styles to choose from

Is there any statement more personal than your watch? Going with a pre-owned watch gives you a chance to choose something meaningful - a watch from the year you were born, or the year your team finally made the pennant or a style your mom or dad wore. Or pick a watch that speaks to your dreams - like Bond’s Omega or a Chronograph for the day you finally buy that boat.

A pre-owned watch may not cost as much

Like a shiny car, a brand-new watch depreciates in value the minute you leave the store. But pre-owned watches are a distinct market and many great models have acquired a value range among watch traders and buyers. In fact, some amazing recent pieces have depreciated faster than the market average, so you could score a great watch for much less than you think.

Pre-owned can mean trading up to a better watch...

Let’s face it, the prices of some new watches are astronomical! The pre-owned watch market not only gives you a host of great models to choose from, you’re also likely to get more watch for your money.

...and selling at a better price.

Like any other collectible, the pre-owned watch market has favorites and trends, but most models sell around a given average. So when you buy pre-owned, you know you’re likely to get good value the day you sell it. (Unlike that boat.)

Our selection is always changing

Browse our selection of pre-owned vintage and luxury watches and find the perfect pre-owned men’s or women’s watch for you. Our on-site watch technician cleans and restores each watch to working order. We leave refinishing to your discretion. Our selection is always changing, so if you’re a collector, check in with us often and let us what you’re looking for so we can keep an eye out for you.



“My experience buying a pre-owned Rolex from Palisade Jewelers was perfect. I did the transaction by phone. The watch arrived, exactly as described; they gave me good, attentive service.”

- Richard


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