Is it time to trade up? Or do you need ready cash? Rolex is such a popular brand that it’s almost like a savings account you can tell time on. Here are answers to some of the top questions we get about selling your Rolex.

Where to sell Rolex watches

Look for an experienced watch dealer who is actively buying and selling. They know what is moving in the market so are likely to be able to make the best offer. Larger dealers may not value your watch as highly if they have several of your model. If at all possible, sell in person, not online, to protect yourself from fraud.

Where to sell a broken Rolex

Don’t get the watch fixed until you have it priced in its current condition. It may be worth more with its original parts than it would be restored with replacements. If you decide to repair it, choose a local jeweler/watch dealer with an in-house repair person and discuss their access to original parts.

How to sell used Rolex watch in NJ

Think local and work with someone who is active in the market to get the best price. For example, right now stainless steel Daytonas are in demand in NJ.  As a leading pre-owned watch dealer in NJ, we want to buy used Rolex watches of any model.

How much are vintage Rolexes worth?

It depends on the condition, the model and the material. A Rolex Prince is a vintage rarity.  A stainless steel Datejust ref 16220, goes for around $3000. Expect to pay above $10,000 for a Daytona and more than $15,000  for a recent DayDate in 18K.  Both models retain strong value relative to other Rolexes because they are popular and heavily traded.

How to determine the value of Rolex watch

As a buyer, we're looking at condition, material and authenticity, but perfect isn’t always the goal. Some collectors prize the ‘worn’ look, such as a sun-faded dial or scratch marks on the bezel. Value depends on the market for your watch model at the time you are looking to sell. Here’s more detailed information.

How to sell a Rolex without paperwork

If you received an old Rolex without paperwork or lost the paperwork, find a local dealer who knows how to authenticate Rolexes and is willing to work with you. An experienced dealer with a ready market is more likely to take a chance on your watch.

How much can I get for my Rolex at a pawn shop?

Pawn shops vary widely, so look for a higher-end broker that specializes in fine jewelry and watches. A busy specialized shop is more likely to offer a better deal because they are actively trading in the market and are looking for models for their customers.

How to identify Rolex model numbers

Rolex engraves the model number on the side of the case above 12 o’clock, “ between the lugs” where bracelet is attached. The first 3 digits determine the model, with an extra “1” for newer watches. Model number lists are on various sites.

Final advice for selling your Rolex

The most important part of any transaction is trust. At Palisade Jewelers, we have handled thousands of second-hand Rolex sales and purchases over the years. Come into our Englewood, NJ store, bring a Rolex you want to sell or look over our large inventory of Rolex models and other fine watch brands, and talk with us about your expectations. We'll work with you to offer the best price we can.



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