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We sell pre-owned luxury watches

We are a retail jewelry outlet that offers our clients a wide range of new and pre-owned merchandise. Our watches are checked for authenticity and each pre-owned item comes with a generous twelve-month warranty. In addition to our store in Bergen County, we also sell our pre-owned luxury watches online, enabling you to browse and buy at your convenience. We sell high-end jewelry from internationally recognized manufacturers, including pre-owned luxury watches from Rolex, Breitling, Cartier and Tag Heuer. If you’re looking for a special gift or are searching for a premium brand watch at an affordable price, our collection will be of particular interest.

Sell jewelry for cash

If you are looking for a convenient, rapid solution to a cash flow crisis, or simply have unneeded trinkets lying around, why not sell us your unwanted jewelry? Most families have one or two pieces (or even more) which are just sitting in a drawer gathering dust. Rather than leave them there, why not pass them on to us for a welcome cash sum? We pay cash for gold jewelry and watches. We do our best to offer an attractive price that reflects the actual worth of your items, over just its metal or stone value.

How do I get cash for my platinum jewelry?

If you live or work in Englewood, Hackensack, Fort Lee or elsewhere in Bergen County, NJ., it’s probably easiest to come and visit our store at 16 N. Van Brunt St. Englewood, NJ. For customers that are too far away to stop by we offer a distance buying service. Get in touch with us and we will provide information on how distance buying works. We also offer cash for diamond jewelry, so no matter what the composition of your pieces, let us take a look and we’ll be happy to make you a suitable offer.

Pawn loans for jewelry

If you don’t want to sell a particular piece to us out-right, why not let us offer you a low interest loan, using your jewelry as collateral? Many people in Fort Lee, Englewood or Hackensack use our pawn broking service regularly to provide a welcome short term cash injection. For further information, call us at (201) 871-0400.