Get your watch ready for summer

Summertime is here. Before you hit the sand and surf wearing a valuable watch, or subject it to the sweat and impact of a rousing tennis match, here are things to think about. Switching out straps will give your watch a fresh new look for summer fun. Changing your sports watch strap to a rubber will help make it beach-ready. It’s also a great idea to check your sports watch for water-resistance before your first surf or pool party. Sound like a good idea? Read on.

Men:Change that strap

If your watch has a leather or alligator strap, chances are it’s either black or brown. Trending now are blue rubber and leather straps. Panerai makes an outstanding blue alligator strap that will immediately refresh the look of your timepiece. TAG Heuer’s Monaco watches can be modified to fit a steel bracelet: a different strap color or style will also provide an instant update.TAG HEUER MONACO CHRONOGRAPH, Ref.CW2113

Panerai with rbber band
Panerai with rubber band

Men: Let your watch go NATO

Fabric straps are an option on some men’s watches: hot right now is the NATO strap inspired by military watches. The name comes from the NATO Stocking Number, which is not very descriptive. The strap is made of one continuous band of durable woven fabric. The straps are inexpensive and sturdy and have a lighter feel than traditional leather. There’s also the cool factor – James Bond wore a NATO strap on his Omega in the movie Spectre and in-the-know collectors wear the straps on vintage Rolexes, Tudors and IWCs.




Ladies: Change the look of your Cartier Tank with a new strap

Women’s watch straps cover the color spectrum from cool white to hot pink and sky blue. Straps come in an array of fabrics including satin, grosgrain and canvas for a more casual look. Leather options including alligator, ostrich and snakeskin should last for multiple summers and can be re-worn for years. You’ll be amazed at how much this simple change creates a fresh new look for your timepiece. We love the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso on a colorful strap.


Cartier tank watches, like the one worn by Jackie Kennedy that recently sold at auction, get a fresh look with satin and grosgrain straps.

Cartier Tank Jackie Kennedy

Pro Tip: Straps come in a variety of widths and lengths, so you’ll need to have your watch and its clasp accurately measured by a professional for the proper fit. Also, it’s important to ensure that your watch’s original clasp is put on to the new strap. We can help! Call or visit for a free consultation.

Water-resistant watches need a check-up

Water sports play a big part in summer activities and if you want to wear your watch in the water, it’s important to get it checked for water-resistance. Your sports watch, whether it’s a Rolex GMT-Master or an Omega Seamaster, will need to be checked regularly to ensure that it has retained its water resistance – certain small parts, like gaskets, can dry out and your watch’s caseback needs to be tightly attached to remain water-tight. Once water gets in your watch and you see your crystal fog up, it will need a hefty repair. Much better to have a regular tune-up, just like you do for your car. We provide full service for your timepiece and can test it for water-resistance and timekeeping accuracy.

If you’re looking for a fresh new look for your watch, summer is a great time to do it. We carry a full range of straps for men and women and you can try one on your watch before you buy it. If your watch is quartz, we can change the battery too. We want you to be in style and on time for your summer adventures.