Watches with the Tissot Touch

Tissot watches can be seen on the wrists of some of the world’s finest athletes, actors and political leaders. So what is behind their popularity? One hundred and sixty-four years of excellence in watchmaking and constant innovation to create the best possible timepieces. Let’s take a look.

It started back in 1853, when Charles-Félicien Tissot opened his manufacture in Le Locle, Switzerland. Gold pocket watches and pendant watches were Tissot’s specialty in the days before wristwatches. The first watches were ornately carved or set with precious jewels – true works of art that enhanced the beauty of the timepieces. Tissot watches became known for both their designs and their inner beauty: accurate, sophisticated mechanics with various functions.

A Legacy of Watch Firsts

Tissot launched with a timekeeping innovation: its first dual time zone watch. They made their first anti-magnetic watch in 1930. Anti-magnetism solved a problem for engineers and other professionals working around highly magnetic fields. Today, anti-magnetism saves our watches from a myriad of magnetic sources: airport scanners, high-altitude travel, even electrical appliances. Other firsts included making watches of wood and plastic. The best first of all, however, is the T-Touch screen.
Tissot T-Touch 6731 T-touch

T-Touch Screen technology

Pushing the watchmaking envelope even further, Tissot invented a touch-sensitive crystal for its watches that could start a watch function with the tip of a finger. The watch owner is freed from fiddling with the crown and pushers to stop and start functions. We are all now very familiar with that concept with our smartphones, but back in 1991 it was a game-changer. The most recent T-Touch watches have up to 25 different functions. The T-Touch is a full-fledged line including T-Sport, T-Classic, T-Lady, T-Pocket and T-Gold, crafted to fill every timekeeping need with an eye-catching look.

Tissot and Sports
T-Touch expert solar Tony Parker

Tissot has been involved in precision timekeeping for sports from MotoGP to ice hockey for decades. Legendary Lotus automobiles named Tissot as its official timer for the ultimate car race, the Formula One. Today, Tissot is the official timekeeper of the National Basketball Association and counts top athletes like Tony Parker among its ambassadors.

Celebrities Love Tissot, too

The Tissot in Rear Window
The Tissot in Rear Window

Tissot has been spotted on the wrists of celebrities for decades, including Elvis Presley, Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Stewart. Sarah Bernhardt, the famous French star of stage and screen, was one of the first actors to wear a Tissot.

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